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"World Painting" is a painting movement created in 1997 by Erick Monjour. Like its namesake, "World Music", World Painting is trying to mix together elements from our collective artistic heritage to create a new symbolic imagery. "My approach is both global and timeless. It consists of a series of found works, image captures and icons mixed and reactivated in order to create interactions, clashes and a new aesthetic. No logic style, temporal or spatial limits this kaleidoscopic research".

Erick Monjour signature is a  barcode (1111111111162), the most representative imprint of our time, which identifies products as well as individuals. This barcode is nevertheless different from the common ones because of its wavy vertical line on the far right which makes it unreadable by a scanner, defending in that way our uniqueness.


Erick Monjour studied at Parson School (Paris) and Bellas Artes in Madrid, He lives in Paris. He has exhibited all over the world during the last 25 years.


Erick Monjour dont la signature d'artiste est un CodeBarre est le fondateur d’un mouvement de peinture né en 1997, apellé "Worldpainting". Son ambition: mixer les époques et les genres, les faire se télescoper, interagir pour obtenir un pschitt visuel.

Code Barre expose depuis 25 ans en France et à l’étranger.


Contact : monjour@noos.fr

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